Alarm Monitoring

Whether you want to monitor your alarm system over a broadband Internet connection or over a cellular network, whether you want professional full dispatch service or a fully automated, web based DIY service, we provide cutting edge VoIP compatible alarm monitoring solutions direct to consumers.

For those of you who like full control over your system, we provide you with 24 hour web access to your account and full control over who receives email and text alerts. With landlines on their way out, there has never been a better time to upgrade your monitoring service and make full use of your Internet connection. If you prefer the comfort of knowing that a trained operator will handle all your alarm events and bring them to a safe conclusion, then we make it very easy for you to add on our operator assisted, full dispatch monitoring service.

VoIP Solutions

You are probably already well aware that alarm signals do not generally communicate reliably when sent over the network of a 3rd party VoIP service provider. IP Alarms have developed an in depth understanding of alarm transmission over IP and can show you that once the VoIP provider is removed from the equation, it is perfectly reliable to use regular, "off the shelf" Cisco/Linksys equipment for communication with your existing monitoring company. Our VoIP technology is compatible with all Central Stations, all alarm panels and all alarm formats. You can use the Compatibility Menu to obtain additional information about some of the most popular monitoring providers.

What are the Advantages of VoIP Maximize?

The main advantage is that you can disconnect your landline phone service yet keep your existing alarm monitoring service as long as you have an Internet connection. You do not need to have your alarm panel reprogrammed and your alarm monitoring company will not even know anything has changed. Two-way voice, DTMF, Pulse and FSK alarm formats are all supported.

If you have a Cisco/Linksys device already - you are welcome to use it. If not, our VoIP Otimize techology allows you to use whatever VoIP equipment and service you have at home already. You can conveniently pickup Cisco adapters from your local consumer electronics store or purchase one online. Where your VoIP device has two lines, it is possible to use line 1 for alarm monitoring and line 2 for voice service with any VoIP provider that supports "Bring your own Device".

How does VoIP Maximize work?

When our custom alarm monitoring settings are downloaded into any "off the shelf" Cisco/Linksys VoIP ATA, they enable the device to act as an IP alarm transmitter that has full control of the IP network environment between your alarm panel and your monitoring company. In this mode, the device does not use your VoIP service at all. It makes a call to our telco partner over the Internet and they transfer the call onto the landline phone network where it is connected to the alarm receivers at your existing alarm monitoring company. In summary, calls go out from your home or business via the Internet and then into your monitoring provider over a regular phone line.

Alarm Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will VoIP Maximize work with my ADT alarm system?

Is VoIP Maximize able to send signals to Reliance Protectron in Canada?

Do you offer special rates for multiple sites, Alarm Dealers or Monitoring Companies?

Can I use VoIP Maximize with a Monitronics security system?

Can I continue to use my Cellular backup equipment?

Yes. The Cisco SPA3102 model can function as part of a dual path solution by allowing Cellular backup. When an alarm panel dials the primary phone number, the signal goes via the Internet if available. If the signal fails, the panel will dial it's secondary phone number and the signal is passed through to the connected backup device. The SPA3102 costs around $65 and can be connected to any cellular backup device that supports Dialer Capture. This flexibility allows you to protect your investment in existing cellular backup equipment.

VoIP Maximize will work with the most popular alarm companies like ADT, Protection 1, Monitronics, Vivint, Vector Security, Guardian and Bay Alarm. It will work alongside popular VoIP services like Ooma, MagicJack, Skype, Vonage and many others. Our system defaults for use with US based toll free numbers, however, if your Monitoring Company is located in Canada or does not use toll free numbers, we can easily make adjustments accordingly.

Cortelco 8211

Special offer for ADT Customers

Confirm that your security alarm system is monitored by ADT and show us a receipt for your purchase of a Cortelco 8211 Single Line VoIP Analog Terminal Adapter from Amazon and we will waive the usual $29 account activation fee.

We will provide you with a list of settings that you can manually enter into the Cortelco ATA to make it compatible with our VoIP solutions and ADT Alarm Monitoring Centers. More...

Alarm Monitoring