Alarm Monitoring

Passthrough Service - $5 per month

VoIP2Go gets your alarm signals into ADT, Pro 1, Monitronics and any other Monitoring Center


Full Dispatch Monitoring Service - $14.95

VoIP2Go have partnered with Nationwide Digital in Chicago to provide full dispatch Alarm Monitoring Service

No Contract

Just simple month to month service payable by PayPal subscription

Bring your own Device

We can setup and manage your Cisco, Obihai or other VoIP equipment for you. Purchase your VoIP adapter online from your favorite supplier and we'll take care of the rest.

Pass-through Service

The main advantage is that you can disconnect your landline phone service yet keep your existing alarm monitoring service as long as you have an Internet connection. You do not need to have your alarm panel reprogrammed and your alarm monitoring company will not even know anything has changed.

Full Dispatch Service

Fed up of paying inflated prices for alarm monitoring through ADT and others? With telephone land lines (POTS) on their way out, there has never been a better time to switch monitoring providers, make full use of your Internet connection and save money at the same time. We will explore the many options available to you and help you make the switch.

VoIP Phone Service

VoIP2Go offer the one and only Voice over IP service that is compaible with every make and model of security alarm system. We can setup your VoIP adapter with alarm service on line 1 and phone service on line 2.

Our Plans

Plan Description Price
Alarm Passthrough Your existing Alarm Company provide monitoring service 5.00
Full Dispatch Monitoring Service Live operators from Nationwide Digital Monitoring in Chicago 14.95
VoIP Service One cent per minute to 48 US States and Canada PAYG
Feel free to give us a call or visit the main VoIP2Go web site at for further information